What is called “carton” in carton-making industry?
Carton is a product made of cellulose, and of high packaging application in various industries. The carton-packing is the most common method for industrial packaging, and has a great efficiency and appliance. This product generally is built up of 3 to 5 layers of thick and pressed paper.
Different types of carton manufactured in carton-making industries:
The carton-making industry includes the production of various types of products, which most generally can be categorized into two groups:
The ordinary cartons:
The Ordinary cartons are formed with the help of cutting machines, and for this type of cartons the tolerance is higher than 2 mm.
The Shaped cartons are those produced with no tolerance and by the use of blade molds. The Ordinary cartons, are used for packing a variety of items and food, and include:
• Perforated cartons: Perforated cartons are being used in carton-packing fruits, dairy products and seafood.
• Telescopic cartons: It’s like banana boxes.
• Handle-having cartons: The boxes produced for things such as metal components and instruments, often have handles.
• Single-door cartons: such as packaging cartons with openings for examination of products.
• Door-less cartons: such as large carton boxes of household appliances, like ovens and washing machines.
The advantages of carton-packaging products
• It’s very cheap and low cost, due to the low cost of its raw materials
• A very reasonable cost, since these cartons are very light and have little weight.
• The mentioned advantage, is an economically useful feature for carton-packaging.

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