Gray-back cardboard

The Gray-back cardboards are available at different grammages from 230 to 450, and at a verity of different sizes. As the name suggests, Gray-back Cardboards have a gray surface on one side and a white one on the other. Gray-back Cardboards, have such widespread applications in packaging industry that they can even be referred to, as the most used cardboards, and their recycling is also possible. These gray-back cardboards, also called duplex cardboard, are made of two layers of cardboard and of course have been bonded to each other.
Specifications of gray-back and white-back cardboards:
Some features of Gray-back cardboards are as follows: they are either so flexible or so hard depending on their type; they have the capacity to be printed on at high numbers; they often have two sides, one gray and the other white; and are stored on pallets and also sometimes packed in plastic films. The Gray-back cardboard is often used for packaging drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, but however, due to the fact that this kind of cardboards is made of recycled fibers, and also because of the possible allergic sensitivities  that can escalate from these materials, its use in medical industry is also prohibited.
We can say that gray-back cardboards have still maintained their applications in a number of industries, for example for packaging foods, such as cardboard packaging of big wholesale ice cream box, etc. However, the creamy-back cardboards have higher endurances and are also at a higher level in terms of quality, and they are being used for manufacturing pharmaceutical boxes. Another class of cardboards used in packaging health products and has been standardized by the Ministry of Health, its Latin name is “IVory board”, but in Iran this type of cardboards is called "ایندر"or"ایندل برد" .
And the highest use of the gray-back cardboard in packaging, is related to: packaging pastry and some foods, and other forms of packaging.

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