Drug boxes, gift boxes, cigarette boxes, chocolate boxes and food boxes and juice pockets and many other items, must have various shapes and appearance, or in other words, box-structures, for carrying out different functions, because the properties and applications of each these boxes are different. Cardboards have always been used for box-making and as a result, cardboards boxes are being made. As we mentioned before, for box-packing normally cardboards are being used and for this, they are made from multiple (often two or three) layers during box-making. The Shakil carton-making and box-making group believes that in order for a factory or we better say a production unit, to grow and evolve, except having modern devices, machines and facilities, we should also use some expert and experienced and talented workforce for working on them, and having such workers in the production-line is essential.
The high quality and the desire results is a lot dependent on the printing and post-print processes, and if the needed reviews and advices were given in this field, we see that the best quality can be achieved. Providing consultation services regarding production, waste reduction and the strategies for balancing manufacturing costs are some items offered to the applicant through consultations.
Of the basic key factors in selecting boxes and packaging types for a product, is their weight as well as their cost and price. These are considered to be the two main factors that customers think the most about, while ordering boxes. We can say these two properties of your product, have a direct relationship with the number of your orders.
For boxes that approximately weigh less than 300 grams, cardboards, and for higher weights laminated ones are used. So boxes either are made of cardboards or are laminated boxes. The minimum number for ordering cardboard boxes is 1,000, and it’s 500 for laminated boxes. Also the prices for every order might need to be raised or reduced according to the numbers.

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