Cardboard sheet and Carton

How to use and keep cardboards
With regard to the bad effects the environment might have on paper and cardboard, if there was a need to save and keep them for long periods of time, we should pay attention to some points in order for the cardboard’s quality to remain at an acceptable level.
• Our advice to you for keeping your device at desired condition, is to use papers of good quality and appropriate material.
• Also you should avoid leaving your papers and cardboards exposed to direct sunlight and in places with high humidity and dust.
• If it’s possible, keep your cardboard and papers in packaging.
• The proper temperature for storing cardboard is between 20 to 25 Celsius degrees, and a humidity of 60 percent is also suitable for cardboard.
• Our advice to you is to place the cardboard on a wooden or plastic pallet, so the ground’s moisture doesn’t damage it.
• When cutting cartons you should make sure that they are in a stand-up position, otherwise the cardboard’s outer edges will be damaged causing it to get jammed in your device.
• Also you should pay the necessary attention to the marks on the carton and packages.
Paper and cardboard Grading:
Paper products such as cardboards, are divided into two general categories according to their volume, and weight per square meter, expressed in grams:
A) Cardboards without multiple layers and made up of a single thick layer weighting between 100 and 150 grams.
B) The cardboards having several different layers, and a weight of approximately 170 to 600 grams per square meter.
Generally, cardboards are made from chemical and mechanical pulps and recycled fibers, and are often categorized according to their applications and performance, in four groups:
A) The raw materials used for producing carton sheets needed for packaging, that have both the surface and the middle winkled layer and also have carton cardboards.
B) The cardboards used in making different types of cardboard boxes, and also have numerous kinds.
D) The graphical cardboards used for producing cards, files, folders, etc.
Carton-making industry:
The first step in carton production is to make carton sheets out of cardboard and paper rolls. Then these cartons will be produced with the right and box-like design, and finally, they will be painted and decorated based on customer’s tastes and demands.

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